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If you want to improve the health of your lawn, then consider getting dethatching service from a professional. At AAA Outdoors, we can provide spring lawn care and fall lawn treatment to clients near Andover, MN, and the surrounding areas, helping them to keep their lawns green. By dethatching your lawn, you can enjoy a more beautiful, healthier yard.

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Make Your Lawn Healthier

We can provide you with outstanding dethatching service to help you improve your yard.

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Learn More About Lawn Dethatching

Lawn dethatching is a process you perform on your lawn to help your grass grow green and healthy. It involves removing old vegetation from the lower layers of your yard with specialized equipment such as a dethatcher or aerator. Removing the dead vegetation, in turn, can help promote healthy growth.

If you have an established lawn, dethatching will prevent fungus and disease and keep your grass healthy. Lawns that are regularly dethatched typically require less water than those that require regular mowing. Dethatching also helps prevent compaction from heavy traffic and improves drainage when necessary. It’s also a great way to prepare your lawn for seeding or sodding when spring rolls around again!

This service is typically performed in springtime when temperatures are rising again after winter but before the summer heat warms up the ground too much; however, it can also be done in fall just before winter sets in again so that you have a nice lawn ready for springtime activities like Easter egg hunts! If you’re near Andover, MN, or the surrounding areas, then reach out for a free estimate on our services.

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